• April 7th was the best day ever!!!
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  • @ Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115
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  • See you next year!
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What's Interventions?

Interventions: A Student-Led Design Conference is a space for creatives to consider the consequences of design interventions and examine the intentions of their work. In its inaugural year, Interventions is the first of its kind: an entirely student run conference at Northeastern University!

Scout is committed to providing an open and inclusive environment for all attendees, speakers, and volunteers. As such, we have a strictly-enforced code of conduct which can be found here.

In a society where design is used as a powerful tool for change, we’ll be examining what role design plays in dividing or connecting us, measuring the impact of design, and exploring the societal responsibilities of designers. Interventions is hosted by Scout and will be held at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Center during Boston Design Week this April 7, 2018.

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Who is Scout?

We’re Scout, Northeastern’s student-led design studio (nice to meet you!), and we will be your gracious hosts this April 7th! We see design as a way of learning, solving problems, and bringing people from different disciplines together. We aim to foster the design community at Northeastern through real client work, speaker series, interactive workshops, and now our first conference! You can learn more about us here (and stay a while, we’re not going anywhere).