Kamal Mansour

Typographer, Monotype

Debbie Millman

Founder + Host, Design Matters

Keith Frankel

Host, CreativeMornings Boston

Jing Jian

Experience Design Lead, Airbnb

Hannah Pileggi

Experience Research Lead, Airbnb

Ethan Marcotte

Designer + Author, Responsive Web Design

Briana Hokanson

Experience Designer, Adobe

Phil Getzen

Product Manager, Twitter

Amanda Pinsker

Product Designer, Github

Adrian Phillips

Design Manager, Lyft

Dan Zedek

Media Innovation Program Professor, Northeastern University

Chelsea Atwell

Former Design Lead, Hillary for America

Danielle Olson

PhD Student, Electrical Engineering + Computer Science at MIT

Hajj Flemings

Founder of Rebrand Cities + Brand Camp University

Laura Marelic

Founder + Original CEO of Scout